Collect up your characters.

Find your friends.

See who you game with.

Gameface was created to showcase games, the people who play them and the characters they play.

You spend weeks, months and more building your gaming characters, accumulating friends, making teams and joining clans. Showcase your characters and find your friends on Gameface.

Oh wow! Awesome & bookmarked. Hope it gets steadily updated! Thank you very much for this site. :)


More up votes for this please, this is/was a great idea!


This is great! Even if you don't care for graphics, screenshots can say a lot about a game.


This is a really well executed site. I didn't even know afro samurai was a game, but the screenshots looked great. Then I clicked into the detail page and there were useful links right there - official site, wikipedia article, youtube etc. Bookmarked and appreciative! Keep up the good work :)


oooo nice site


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