MotorStorm: Arctic Edge

Is the third entry in the MotorStorm series of video games.The game once again moves away from the desert environments of the original title and the lush island environment of the sequel and relocates itself to the harsh Arctic climate of Alaska on the edge of the Arctic Circle. Gameplay is similar to that of previous titles in the series such as Nitrous Boosts, environmental hazards and destructible environments. Unlike the previous titles in the series, the game will only feature up to a maximum of ten racers in each race.The main gameplay mode of the game is known as the Wreckreation Mode which consists of various game modes such as, Free Play and Time-Attack. MotorStorm: Arctic Edge features a total of 24 vehicles from 8 vehicle classes, most of which are specially designed to suit the Arctic climate: Bikes, Snow machine, ATV, Buggy, Rally Car, Snowplugger, Big Rig, and Snowcats.

2009 Simulation Single-player Multiplayer MMO

Playstation 2 Playstation Portable (PSP)