Highland Warriors

Highland Warriors brings the traditional gameplay of a typical RTS game: The exploitation of the resources is necessary to build bases, which at their turn will allow to create armies and then attack the enemy to achieve victory. There are five types of natural resources: timber, food, stone, iron ore and gold.
Each side has different units. Beside the regular ones (infantry, cavalry, ranged, and siege units) some factions even have magic-using units, such as druids, mages, and rangers. Also, the game does not provide any information about the units, except for their price; so to judge a given unit, one would have to guess from its cost. One noticeable point, though, is Highland Warriors' gameplay feature known as "Blood Frenzy": in this mode, soldiers will spread and automatically attack closest enemies. The downside of this is that the player lose the control of any attacking units.

2003 Strategy Single-player Multiplayer

Windows (PC)

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