Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2

The story focuses on the younger sisters of Neptune, Noire, and Blanc, which are the CPU Candidates on a quest to save the goddesses after they are defeated and captured by Arfoire. While in a dungeon, various actions can be performed, mainly the Treasure Search and the Symbol Attack. When the O button is pressed, the player scans the area to find hidden treasure. Enemies now wander the map, and when the player character comes within their sight range, a red exclamation point will appear, and they will chase the player. Hitting it with a Symbol Attack gives the player's party the upper hand, and may sometimes even defeat the enemy. If the latter occurs, no rewards are gained. When the player comes in contact with an enemy on the field or during an event, battle starts. Each character's turn is gauged by their Action Points. Normal attacks and items consume AP until the points run out, after which the character's turn ends.

2011 Role Playing Single-player MMO

Playstation 3

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