OneChanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad

A Japanese fan favorite now coming to our shores! The sexy sister duo Aya and Saki use their swords and their hotness to defend their city against a legion of killer zombies. The prequel to Onechanbara™: Bikini Zombie Slayers™, Onechanbara™: Bikini Samurai Squad™ features Aya, a descendent of the family known as IMICHI, meaning blood that goes out of control, reconciling with her sister, Saki, and living together in peace. Unfortunately for the sisters, the peace is short lived as players take on the role of either character to embark on dangerous adventures across a vast, zombie-infected city complete with cinematic storytelling, a distinctive combat system, unique character moves and killer boss battles, not to mention a killer co-op mode!

2009 Action Single-player Cooperative

XBox 360 / S

3 videos