Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy

Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy, abbreviated to EE II:AoS or AoS for short, is the official expansion pack for the 2005 game, Empire Earth II. Released on 15 February 2006, and developed by Mad Doc Software, Art of Supremacy presents new features for Empire Earth II.[2] Some of the new additions to Empire Earth II were four new civilizations and several other new features. Several more campaigns were also added, which focused on the Napoleonic Wars, Ancient Egypt and a third which was a futuristic campaign centered on the Maasai.[1]
Art of Supremacy was developed by Mad Doc software, the makers of the Empire Earth II, and was re-released with Empire Earth II in the Empire Earth II: Platinum Edition. Art of Supremacy was given mediocre reviews by critics, with an average of only 61% according to GameRankings.[3]

2006 Strategy Single-player Multiplayer

Windows (PC)