MIB: Alien Crisis

Alien scum. Fast Cars. Massive firepower. Saving the universe.

Do these things interest you? If so, we need you to join the universe's most elite secret taskforce in MEN IN BLACK: ALIEN CRISIS. Strap on a Deatomizer or Noisy Cricket and get into the middle of the action. You are the Men In Black's newest recruit on an investigative mission to gather intelligence and save the world from an alien conspiracy.

Experience interrogations, high-speed driving chases, and intense messy battles through the streets of New York City. If you've got the thirst to blast away the most wretched intergalactic creatures and you want to wear the suit and sunglasses, now is your chance. If not, we can neutralize you and this little synopsis never even happened.
Happy Hunting!

2012 Action Single-player Multiplayer

XBox 360 / S Nintendo Wii Playstation 3

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