Universe at War: Earth Assault

Gameplay is split between three modes, two of which are further divided into different game types. The first mode is single player. These are games that are played exclusively by one human player against AI controlled opponents. In Campaign, the player controls one of the four factions, depending on which part of campaign is being played, and plays through various battles, accomplishing predetermined objectives to progress along the storyline and eventually "beat" the game. Scenario mode gives the player a choice of one of the three main factions and then allows the player to choose a global situation and then take over the world. This mode is split between global strategy, which involves attacking neutral or enemy territories, constructing global structures and collecting resources; and tactical combat, in which the player must attack an enemy in an occupied territory in order to gain control of it, or defend one of their territories.

2007 Strategy Single-player Multiplayer

XBox 360 / S Windows (PC)

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