Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

The game's story revolves around creatures known as Tikis, which are new to the series. The different types of Tikis fill the role of the antagonists in the story, replacing the Kremlings from Donkey Kong Country. Cranky Kong, who owns shops throughout the island, is the only Kong family member that appears in addition to Donkey and Diddy. The story begins when a group of evil Tikis known as the Tiki Tak Tribe arrive on Donkey Kong Island after being awaken by a volcanic explosion, and plays music to hypnotize the animals on the island to steal Donkey Kong's bananas. Since Donkey Kong is resistant to the Tiki's music, he works with Diddy Kong to retrieve his hoard of bananas from the Tikis. Throughout the game, the pair travels through eight worlds to recover their stolen bananas: the Jungle, the Beach, the Ruins, the Cave, the Forest, the Cliff, the Factory, and the Volcano. In each world, they must defeat a Tiki Tak Tribe leader: Kalimba, the Maraca Triplets, Gong, Banjo, Panflute, Xylophone, Accordion(who hypnotize other animals in the jungle to fight them, and Tiki Tong—the Tiki Tak Tribe's king. After Tiki Tong is defeated the Kongs were launched into space where they punch down on the moon which crushes Tiki Tong's base and sends banana's flying everywhere.

2010 Action Single-player Multiplayer

Nintendo 3DS Nintendo Wii

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