A World of Keflings

In the game, the player takes on a role of a giant in the land of the Keflings. Keflings are a small race of human-like creatures; similar to elves, half-lings, or gnomes. It becomes the job of the player to aid the Keflings in creating their kingdom. This is accomplished by building various structures, collecting resources, and managing the work of the Keflings. The Keflings will aid the player in gathering resources (wood, crystals, wool, and stone) and transporting them to various buildings for use in producing other buildings. Some buildings convert the resources into other products for use in building more complex structures. It is the first Xbox 360 title to allow full avatar player control in the New Xbox Experience. The game has been described as having "dashes of SimCity and Black & White". Its resource gathering system is comparable to The Settlers.

2008 Puzzle Single-player Multiplayer

Windows (PC) XBox

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