Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Players choose a weapon and complete quests for "The Guild". There are several types of quests, categorised into gathering quests, hunting quests, and capturing quests. Completing specific quests will allow one to embark on an "Urgent Quest" which will allow progression to the next tier of quests, which applies to both offline and online play. Online players receive points and have a Hunter Rank which will increase once a certain number of points have been obtained. After several rank ups, and having a certain criteria of quests completed, a player will unlock the next Urgent Quest. Players will need to gather materials to prepare for hunts which include herbs, mushrooms, bones, hides, horns and seeds to make "potions", various other consumables and new equipment to give one the edge when fighting a formidable foe. Fighting a monster entails first finding the monster then dealing enough damage to either kill it, weaken it to be captured, or cause it to flee (not common, made specifically for certain quests). Players will need to learn the environments and the behaviors of the creatures. Online, many players will work together to try and take the monster or monsters down. Once the player slays a monster they will be able to carve off pieces which can be taken to the Wyverian Artisan (the blacksmith) to create new weapons and armor. Several other materials are used to make weapons and armor as well, including ores and certain bugs. A player can fail a quest several ways, the three most common being dying too many times (most quests allows 3 deaths total), running out of time (standard quest time is 50 min), or killing a monster when the quest goal was specifically to capture. Both online and offline players are given a house which they can decorate with various objects found throughout the game, although online players receive "upgraded" houses when they progress in rank.

2009 Role Playing Single-player Multiplayer Cooperative Free-to-play

Nintendo 3DS Nintendo Wii U

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