Temple Run

The player controls, steals an idol from an ancient temple. The player controls the characters moments after they have stolen the idol. Immediately upon acquiring the idol, the player is pursued by a group of malevolent demonic monkeys who chase the player out of the temple, thus initiating a "temple run.
The object of the game is to run as far as possible in a endless game world by avoiding randomly generated obstacles, that require the player to either jump (slide finger forward), duck (slide finger backwards), or turn (slide finger to the right or left) in a precise manner. Tilting the device will cause the character to move from side to side, allowing them to collect coins as they run. The longer a session gets, the faster the character runs and the more frequent the obstacles become, requiring quicker and quicker reflexes to stay alive. The game is measured in meters, starting from the temple.

2011 Action Single-player

Android iOS

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