Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends

Racing taking place in closed circuits and developed games like the Need for Speed: Shift series, from which the game will base its dynamic models and damage effects. Rather than concentrate solely on Ferrari’s road cars, the game covers several race series too, including Formula One, rally and GT racing. There is 36 circuits in total including Spa and Monza along with other Grand Prix tracks andtest circuits.[3]The single-player mode, also known as the campaign mode, guides the player through the history of Ferrari cars, This career mode spans three eras in Ferrari’s history: Gold (from 1947 to 1973), Silver (from 1974 to 1990) and Modern (from 1990 to 2011). The player is not restricted to play straight through history. Instead, the career can be started in any era.On the multi-player side, the game will feature up to 8-player online interactions, as well as the mentioned single-player mode.

2012 Simulation Single-player Multiplayer

Playstation 3 Windows (PC) XBox 360 / S

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