Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

The explosive follow-up to one of the most popular PC Games of all time -Command & Conquer Red Alert. The Cold War is heating up! Fight on theside of freedom or battle behind the Iron Curtain. Exotic weaponry is atyour disposal. Soviet Cloning Vats and Allied Chrono Devices are just a few ofthe many devastating weapons. Prism tanks Tesla Troopers Terror DronesDesolators Psychic Mind Control Giant Squid and Sonic Dolphins are just asmall part of your arsenal.Product Features Take your campaign over land sea and air with over 80 units and structures to deliver your fury. Enhanced veterancy quickly turns newbie forces into battle-hardened veterans. Unleash extra firepower and discover secret abilities. Cinematic movies with Hollywood actors reward your victories and brief you on your next mission. Play either side in the full solo-play campaign or play as one of the nine nations in eight modes of multiplay and skirmish mode. Wreak havoc with a friend through the specially designed co-op campaign.

2000 Strategy Single-player Multiplayer

Windows (PC)

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