Chaos Rings

Chaos Rings begins as a dungeon crawl where navigation and battles are done as a two-person party that is chosen prior to gameplay. Navigation takes place in a third-person perspective. Combat is controlled using a system of menus in a turn-based routine. During a player's turn there is the option of attempting an escape from the battle, or to fight solo or as a pair. If solo mode is chosen, the player has the ability to choose an individual attack for each member of the party, while pair mode effectively makes the couple a single unit, capable of using each other's moves and having the best attributes of both. However, when in pair mode, both members of the party are open to a hit by a single enemy. In addition to attack, the player also has the ability to perform varied forms of magic known as "genes", to use items, or to simply defend against an enemy's attack.
A special feature in combat is the 'break' feature. Attacks made by the couple will decrease the break gauge if it is red (and thus on the enemies' side), and will increase their own if the attack kills a foe. When the break gauge favors one side, their attacks are more powerful, and the foe's are likewise weakened. Critical hits and abilities like Trompe L'oell have twice the influence of a regular attack on the break gauge.
After a successful battle, the duo receives experience points and Ohnz (abbreviated as "Oz"). Ohnz are the currency in Ark Arena, and can be used to purchase items, weapons, armor, and jewels to be used in combat.

2012 Role Playing Single-player

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