Pastry Panic

In Pastry Panic, the player has a choice between two different modes, Mad Dash and Tongue Tied. The former offers the player the opportunity to walk along conveyor belts, munching on a variety of different treats. In the latter, you remain static in the center, using your extended tongue to grab the sugary snacks. Both modes operate via touch controls.
Power-ups add additional twists to the already frantic gameplay. Some offer the player the opportunity to boost their scores, such as the molasses donut, which slows down the belts for ten seconds. However, some can make the game even more difficult and should therefore be avoided at all costs. The devil donut, for example, takes an extra bolt away from the counter. And the swirly donut reverses the belt directions, requiring the player to quickly adapt to the new conditions.

2012 Other Single-player


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