Fez features 2D/3D perspective shifts in a manner similar to Super Paper Mario and Crush. The use of Escher-like optical illusions also dominates gameplay in a manner similar to Echochrome. Fez’s 2D gameplay consists of mechanics typical to platform games, such as jumping and climbing. Fez’s unique 3D trait is the ability to rotate the world 90° around the y axis. The rotation allows the player to change the perspective, realigning platforms. Since depth is not a factor in the 2D gameplay, certain actions that would be impossible in a 3D world are still possible in 2D, from the right perspective.
The goal of the game is to collect 64 cubes and anti-cubes.[5] Cubes are visible and placed around the world for the player to collect. The player must figure out how to navigate their way through the environment to each cube. Anti-cubes are invisible and revealed only after the player has solved a puzzle. Many of the puzzles require some form of cryptanalysis.

2012 Puzzle Single-player

XBox XBox 360 / S

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