Gridrunner iOS

The player controls a small, constantly firing, ship that can be steered around the whole of the playfield with swipes of the iOS touchscreen. Various enemies appear on the playfield and will attack the player's ship. The game is divided into a number of levels (or grids) with set patterns of enemy attack on each grid. At the end of each level a bonus life is awarded and the next grid begins. To aid the player shooting certain enemies will release spinning coloured disks that increase the player's attacking powers, these power-ups are short-lived but collecting multiple disks will increase the potency and/or duration of the power-up. More enemy types are introduced as the player moves through the levels of the game, enemies also become more dangerous as the game progresses.
The game can be played in Pure or Casual mode. In Pure mode the player has to start at the first level and progress through each level consecutively until all his lives are lost, after level 4 and every 4th level thereafter the game will create a save point. In Casual mode the player can resume the game at any of the save points he has created when playing in Pure mode with his score and lives set to his best performance at that point. Pure and Casual modes have separate high score tables.

2012 Action Single-player

iOS Mac Windows (PC) Bada

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