Galaxy on Fire

Story-wise, Galaxy on Fire takes place in a fictional galaxy ruled by four major factions (the pioneering Terrans, the conservative Nivelians, the defiant Midorians and the belligerent Vossk) and centers around Keith T. Maxwell, a former Wing Commander of the Terran Space Fleet, who now earns his credits as a gun-for-hire and ends up saving the universe from demise and destruction more than once. Fans and media alike have often complimented the immense freedom of action, which Galaxy on Fire grants the player due to its well-balanced mix of storybound-, missionbound- and sandbox gameplay. At any point throughout the game, the player can digress from the main story and go on an adventure of his own. While doing so, he can freely decide whether he would like to earn his credits as a pirate hunter, hit man, mercenary, craftsman, transporter, trader, weapons dealer or smuggler, just to name a few.

2009 Simulation Single-player

Android BlackBerry iOS Mac Symbian Windows (PC)

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