Joe Danger 2: The Movie

Joe Danger 2: The Movie has so much more content than its predecessor it almost doesn't feel like a sequel, and almost all of it is great. With tons of challenges to complete, multiplayer, and community content, you'll have plenty to do even after the credits roll. controls motorbike stuntman "Joe Danger" The game uses elements of both racing and side-scrolling platform genres, in which the protagonist can move to the right and, by reversing, to the left as well as hopping over and ducking under various obstacles. Although the game is based on a two-dimensional plane, some of its courses are designed with three layers accessible by changing lanes and for manoeuvring onto targets.[10] Executing a stunt will build a "boost meter",[6] which is used to increases Joe's speed, but drains the meter.[9][11][12] The Select button is used to teleport Joe back to the last checkpoint passed.

2012 Sports Single-player Multiplayer

Playstation Playstation 3 XBox

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