Kinect Sports: Season Two

Kinect Sports: Season Two consists of six sports which can be accessed from the main menu, which can be played in single or multiplayer: golf, darts, baseball, skiing, tennis, and American football.[2][3] The games are controlled through Microsoft's Kinect device, which allows players to control the game through gestures and speech recognition without the need of any physical game controller.[2] The player controls the sports by mimicking how the sports are played in real life without the equipment that usually is associated with them; for example, swinging one's arms as if they were holding a golf club or kicking to score a field goal in American football.[4] The Kinect's voice command technology is utilized more frequently than in the game's predecessor, Kinect Sports, with the game containing over 300 voice commands.

2011 Sports Single-player Multiplayer

XBox 360 / S

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