Master of Magic

Towers of Wizardry that link the planes Arcanus and Myrror, and locating the cities of enemy wizards.
Cities are established by settlers, and then upgraded by adding buildings improving the economy. Cities produce food, gold and mana. Military units require food and gold upkeep; spellcasters consume mana in combat. At the same time as colonizing territory, new magical spells are researched. Spells are either used in or out of combat. Master of Magic splits spells into six schools of magic: Life Magic, which heals and protects; its antithesis Death Magic, which drains life and creates undead; Chaos Magic, which warps targets and spews destructive energies; Nature Magic, which controls the weather and turns it against the enemy; Sorcery, which manipulates the air and subverts the effects of the other schools; and Arcane Magic, which is a general school and free for all.

1994 Strategy Single-player


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