Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

Is a Harvest Moon game. The Gameplay featured in A New Beginning include: The ability to customize your farm and the surrounding towns (deciding where certain buildings go/look like); A customizable main character; The ability to change your hairstyle by going to the hairdresser; The ability to gain new clothes by going to the tailor; You will date the bachelor/bachelorette that you're after first. You'll give them a ring, and you will start to date them. The Blue Feather is still used to propose, like most traditional Harvest Moon games and more. Only two Harvest Sprites are available. For the first time, a female Harvest Sprite, called Alice - and her younger brother (who shares the same birthday as her), a red-wearing sprite named Aaron. Instead of buying furniture and buildings, you buy instructions and then build them yourself if you have the material required. House expansions are not available.

2012 Simulation Single-player

Nintendo 3DS

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