Toki to Towa

It is an action animation role-playing game for PlayStation 3. It uses 3D models for backgrounds and hand-drawn 2D sprites for characters and enemies. The story is centered on an unnamed hero and his princess wife-to-be, Toki. The theme of "time" plays an important role, and is also somehow utilized in the game's selective, but action-oriented battle system. The game opens with a wedding between the main character and a woman named Toki, which is rudely interrupted by an assassin attack. This brings out Toki’s meaner alter ego, Towa. After an undisclosed series of events, Toki finds herself flitting back and forth through the passage of time. Two new characters have been introduced like Makimono is a fortune teller who predicted the attack on the main character’s wedding, as shown in the opening of Tokitowa. Bikodo is the head of the assassin’s guild, who is introduced in a fight scene.

2012 Role Playing Single-player

Playstation 3