The Banner Saga

The core of the game is to be a single-player campaign of turn-based combat engagements inspired by games such as Final Fantasy Tactics andShining Force, with the player controlling and being able to build up a party of characters with complementing abilities. According to the developers, their aim is to create a "mature game for adults in the vein of Game of Thrones or The Black Company". They intend to engage players emotionally by allowing them to build relationships with the game's characters and shape the outcome of the story through an array of conversation choices. The game will eschew certain conventions of action-oriented computer role-playing games, looting and buying items, or reloading a saved game state after defeat. Instead, the developers intend to tell the story of the player's caravan as a whole, and encourage players to accept and deal with the consequences of any defeats they may encounter.

2012 Role Playing Single-player Multiplayer

Linux Mac Playstation 3 Windows (PC) XBox 360 / S

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