Galaxy on Fire 2

In the game, the player takes up the role of Keith T. Maxwell, a daredevil space adventurer and mercenary, who is catapulted through space and time by a malfunction of his ship’s hyperdrive and awakens at the far end of the known galaxy. It is here that he finds himself confronted by a mysterious alien armada known as Voids, who are set to enslave all other species. In order to find his way home, Keith must prevail an extensive number of story-bound and freelance missions and ultimately find a way to defeat this new devious and seemingly unstoppable enemy. The space fleet veteran needs to make new friends fast to survive this territory. The story campaign follows Maxwell as he finds his feet and establishes himself in his new settings, while violence and romance are never too far away. And as always, at the edge of known space, lurk the Voids.

2009 Simulation Single-player

iOS Mac Windows (PC)

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