Law & Order: Legacies

is an episodic video game for iOS, Windows, and Mac developed by Telltale Games. It was originally announced as Law & Order: Los Angeles, but it was changed to include fan favorite characters from the entire run of the Law & Order franchise. Among them are Rey Curtis, Lennie Briscoe, Anita Van Buren, Abby Carmichael, Jack McCoy, Mike Logan, Michael Cutter, Adam Schiff and Olivia Benson from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
It was released in seven episodes, with the first two episodes released simultaneously on iOS on December 22, 2011.. The remaining five episodes, as well as versions for Windows and MacOS, were released in the spring of 2012. Like the previous three Law & Order games, this is a point-and-click game that mirrors the TV series in having both police procedural and courtroom portions to the game play.

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