Monday Night Combat

One of two scenarios, each one a variant on the traditional action RTS setting with elements of tower defense mixed in. The first is Crossfire, in which teams of up to six compete online to destroy the other team's Money ball, a stationary shielded object guarded by its respective team. The first team to destroy their opponent's Money ball is declared the winner. The second game play scenario is known as Blitz. In Blitz up to four players work together to protect their team's Money ball against increasingly difficult waves of robots. Blitz can be played alone, in two- or with up to four players online. Players can choose between one of six classes, each with their own unique abilities and weapons As players destroy robots and make kills they are rewarded with cash, which can then in turn be used to buy upgrades, improve the defense of their base, or send specialty robots against the other team.

2010 Action Single-player Cooperative MMO

Windows (PC) XBox 360 / S

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