Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic

three different levels, the Surface, the Underground and the Shadow World. Scenarios may take place on one or more of these levels. The game can either be played in a simultaneous mode, wherein players move their units at the same time during a turn, and in a traditional turnbased mode. Note that both modes are still turnbased. The game is played both in an overworld mode, on which parties are moved and raised, structures are built and heroes are contracted, as well as a battle mode. Wizards are very powerful at magic, but rather weak at close combat. Heroes are the men and women who (preferably) lead your troops into battle. Heroes, unlike Wizards, can level up. The player can choose between three abilities for the hero to make them stronger. When using the reanimate spell, the Hero will return to your Wizard's Seat as an Undead hero.

2003 Strategy Single-player Multiplayer

Windows (PC)

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